115,000 Vietnamese people die of cancer annually

Director of Hanoi-based Cancer Hospital Professor Tran Van Thuan said that cancer kills nearly 115,000 Vietnamese people a year and 165,000 fresh cancer patients are detected annually at a yesterday meeting between the hospital and its partners from the United Kingdom.

115,000 Vietnamese people die of cancer annually

Presently, over 300,000 people are suffering cancer.
Director Thuan noted cancer is burning issue which kills 8.2 million people a year with approximately 14.1 million fresh cases of cancer globally. Two third of cases are in low and average income countries.
The infirmary has built bilateral relationships with big hospital and universities in England, France, the US, Japan, Australia and South Korea to continuously improve its preventative treatment quality and early diagnosis.
With the government and the Ministry of Health’s assistance, the hospital and its partner from the United Kingdom will enhance cancer prevention and treatment. Moreover, the partner will help training human resources for the hospital.
Professor Thuan said the hospital has cooperated with AstraZeneca to do research of Tamoxifen in treating breast cancer which has increase cure for woman patients. He added that the research has helped turn the hospital into a brand icon with scientific article in magazine such as Journal of Clinical Oncology.

By KHANH NGUYEN – Translated by ANH QUAN

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