Ministries run disaster prevention program

The Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have just signed a program together in preventing and alleviating natural disaster for schools in the period 2018-2023.

Ministries run disaster prevention program

The aim of the program is to focus the role of education in preparing for and preventing natural disaster helping reduce halts in teaching and learning activities when natural disaster hit localities.
Moreover, it also is to curb deaths of students because of drowning in flood season.
Accordingly, the two ministries will expand the model of schools adapting to disaster in each regions. Additionally, the two ministries will build piloted models in districts identified as being highly vulnerable to disasters. Moreover, these facilities will turn to be safe shelters for locals.
The ministries proposed to qualify safe school as a criteria in the child injury prevention programs. Relevant agencies are assigned to compile guidance documents on disaster prevention which are suitable for each localities and ages of students.
Lessons in these educational kits on natural disaster risks will be taught in extra-activities.
Social contributions in building smart swimming pools, making life-jacket, and providing swimming classes are encouraged.

By PHAN THAO – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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