'Grow up with books' fosters reading passion

The final round of Lon len cung sach (Grow up with books) competition took place in the General Sciences Library of Ho Chi Minh yesterday.

'Grow up with books' fosters reading passion

Competition organizer created an open space for competitors to exchange book reading techniques and do multiple choices of book title. Moreover, they took part in games Who are quick readers ? Who can read more books?
Eventually, after reading three passages of plastic pollution, they wrote an essay talking about their own thought of the same theme.
Moreover, they were provided with colorful papers, pens, scissors, glue, ribbons, spring to make a work expressing their thought of the essays. Then, they wrote poems, stories, essay or songs painted a picture or a symbol and tore colorful papers to make a picture as well as delivered a speech of the book, played a drama.
After finishing their work, students delivered speech in front of the jury and answered questions from the jury.
The competition was intended to encourage reading for pleasure in children and stress importance of developing book reading in schools. Moreover, the competition wanted teachers to inspire all children to read by creating quiet place for reading books.
Speaking at the event, Head of the high education division under the Department of Education and Training Le Duy Tan said that the annual competition held by the department and the library aims to give students opportunity to exchange book reading and speak out their opinions of how to develop book reading culture in schools.
144 students in 24 districts participating in this year competition are expected to spread love for books to their classmates.

By THU TAM - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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