Education sector takes heed to students’ safety in flood season

For students’ safety on the way to schools in flood season in Mekong delta, the Department of Education and Training in An Giang province requested schools and local administration, unions to pick up and take kids to school during the season.

Education sector takes heed to students’ safety in flood season

For these days, students and teachers risked their lives on the way to schools when Mekong floods upstream were rising.
The divisional office of the Directorate of Education in An Giang province yesterday said 263 students of seven facilities in communes Phu Huu and Vinh Hoi Dong have been affected by flood.
According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the highest level of water in Tien River will be at 4 meters and that of Hau River at 3.5 meters by August 26, exceeding the first-stage warning level.
Additionally, schools should check the number of Vietnamese-Cambodian students who are studying in schools in An Phu District to offer support to them.
Departments of Education and Training in provinces called for concerted action between schools and local administrations to support students and teachers in flooded-hit areas.
In case that high flood disrupts educational activities, schools have to shut down due to dwindling attendance of students who have taken refuge in flood shelters along with their family members, schools have to organize makeup classes for students to catch up on the lessons.
The Department in Dong Thap requested schools and unions to pay attention to students by providing scholarships, schoolbags, books and notebook, learning equipment and cancel some contributions to reduce burdens for parents.


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