Education sector increases social counseling in schools

The Department of Education and Training will organize social work training course for teachers in kindergarten and colleges who provide counseling for students encountering mental, emotional, social, behavioral, and/or familial barriers to academic performance.

Education sector increases social counseling in schools

At the meeting on social work orientation in schools held by the Department, the Department’s idea politic ward yesterday announced a survey carried out from December 20, 2018 to January 10, 2019.
The training course will be for teachers, medical workers and teachers for providing counselling. Learners will be given certificates after finishing the training courses.
The survey done by the ward in 150 educational facilities in HCMC from kindergartens to colleges about some problems students facing in academic performance, revealed 7.8 percent students used to be dropouts whereas 21.1 percent of students are at risk of dropping out and 31 percent of students were suffering stress.
Additionally, according to the survey, up to 53.8 percent of students have no learning motivation.
Worse, 30 percent of students were abused while using social network while 24.6 percent of them were bullied and 20.8 percent are victims of spiritual abuse including insults and stigmatization. The survey has also shown students are addicted to video games, downloading junk apps and violating school rules.
Noticeably, around 6.5 percent said that they used to take additive substances and 5.7 percent used to breach the law meanwhile 2.8 percent of female students admitted that they used to have an abortion and 0.8 percent had self-destructive behavior. The causes of the situation are varied from students, learning and society environment, family involvement and shortage of counseling services in schools.
In addition, the survey also pointed out that lack of social workers in schools and limited budget are culprits for counseling service shortage. Furthermore, schools are neglectful of the service.

By THU TAM - Translated by NHA CA

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