Deputy Edu. Minister checks preschool construction in industrial parks

A delegation led by Deputy Education Minister Nguyen Thi Nghia yesterday worked with People’s Committee in the central province of Quang Ngai on the issue of governmental management on preschool in industrial parks.

Deputy Edu. Minister checks preschool construction in industrial parks

According to People’s Committee in Quang Ngai Province, the province has six large industrial parks on the area of 10,000 ha with over 258 enterprises. These companies have created jobs for 33,000 laborers; half of them are female.
Most of laborers are locals; just a few workers are from neighboring provinces who rent accommodation outside the parks.
Companies in industrial parks have provided buses to pick up workers everyday. According to survery, these workers have no demand for schools; accordingly, most industrial parks have no plan to build schools and dorms.
Industrial parks have mushroomed lately and located in several districts. At present, only an industrial park in Binh Son District have built dorms for workers.
Most of laborers in industrial parks find it hard to send their children to public schools because they work on short-term contract, seasonal employment and do shift work; consequently, they send their children to private nurseries.
Moreover, public schools admit babies aged 24 months old up while workers are eligible for six month maternity leave.
Head of the Department of Education and Training in Son Tinh District Ly Minh Phung said that there are two industrial parks in the district but having no kindergartens for workers’ kids 
One facility in the district is keeping 260 kids; more than 150 kids are workers’ children. Other workers send their children to unlicensed daycare centers. He added building kindergartens in industrial parks is very difficult because it costs a big sum.
As a result, many local preschools have been overloaded. 
Deputy chairman of People’s Committee Dang Ngoc Dung said 3,489 teachers are working in the province; of whom, 2,188 ones working in long-term contract while others in short-term; therefore, the Ministry of Education and Training and relevant agencies should make amendment for the government’s approval in order to supply more teachers for the sector to meet the yearly demand.
Ms. Nghia acknowledged the province’s efforts in developing industrial parks sharing its difficulties in recruiting teachers for long-term contract. She promised to have supports on the teaching equipment and upgrading facilities.
Ms. Nghia asked to make report of industrial parks and public and non-public daycare center in the province to send to the Ministry as soon as possible.


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