Vietnamese audiences have chance to watch more Hollywood movies

A good news for Vietnamese movie-lovers that the online movie website, Keeng Movies, has already had the copyright to distribute movies from global studios, such as 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Warner Bros, TVB, MBC and KBS.

Vietnamese audiences have chance to watch more Hollywood movies

The online movie website, Keeng Movies, is launched by Viettel Media, a Viettel’s media company. Its representative said at the official launch of the website, that the website provides nearly 10,000 hour movies.
Viettel Media will continue uploading more new Hollywood films of giant companies including 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and big television like Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as TVB, KBS, MBC.
The website’s strategy is to develop globally. In addition, by 2019, the company will begin producing and releasing movie in theaters.
While illegal websites are rampant in Vietnam and there has been no licensed distributor of movie, Keeng Movies is promising website to provide good films to audience.
According to Viettel Media, it is complicated to buy copyright to release movies made by giant companies in the world as production cost is up to hundred thousands of dollars. In the other hand, the company must prove that its coding technology worth over $1 million to win Hollywood movie makers’ trust.
Keeng Movies is employing DRM technology which helps preventing illegal copying and using genuine movie. The new technology also helps authority to impose penalties on copyright infringement. Keeng Music can become an official distributor of movies in Vietnam because it earns biggest revenue from releasing high quality music in Vietnam.
Especially, to please Vietnamese audience, Keeng Movies will assume a simultaneous release of favorite movies of South Korea and China. Accordingly, Vietnamese audience will have chance to enjoy latest movies as quickly as their peers in the world.
Moreover, in addition to 300 movies of Vietnam’s largest producers such as BHD, FaFilm, Skyline, Thang Long Audio available in the website, Keeng Movies subscribers can watch movies released in theater at least one a month next time.

By MAI AN – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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