Thai artist presents his artworks in Hanoi

A painting exhibition titled “Face of Asia” featuring 25 artworks by Thai artist Vichit Nongnual opened at Dong A gallery in Hanoi.

Thai artist presents his artworks in Hanoi

The novelty comes from colors. Each artwork seems to have only one primary color, extremely warm, or extremely cold. The simplicity of colors that surrounds and encompasses the vision of the viewers leads them to the inner world, where people face themselves.
Vichit Nongnual’s painting has converged people, nature, spiritual life, creating a full face of Asia as well as presenting the harmony between people and nature.
In this exhibition, he also incorporates decorative arts into his paintings, making portraits and decorative images, two things seemingly contradictory, blend together to create new visual effects. This combination serves as a creative inspiration, as he confided, “Fashion and interior design are a source of emotions in my paintings and sculptures. Those are such charming, beautiful, joyous and meaningful objects. And it is clearly shown on my portraits of acrylic paint and screen paint.”
Vichit Nongnual was born in 1971. He is a widely-known Thai artist and has exhibited in Asia, Europe and the United States. After graduating with a BFA in Ceramics from Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, he pursued his passion and has made many achievements in decorative arts, even in abstract genres and realistic portraits.
The event will run until February 28.

By Kim Khanh

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