Panam Anim Animation Film Festival 2017 in HCMC, Hanoi

More than 10 movies of the Panam Anim Animation Film Festival 2017 will be screened at the French Cultural Exchange Center L'Espace in Hanoi on October 9.

Panam Anim Animation Film Festival 2017 in HCMC, Hanoi

The film fest brings to the public films selected from Panam Anim Festival throughout the years, including Sweet Cocoon, ; Ascension , The short Story of a Fox and mouse, Siroco, Catch-it ; A la Française, Garden Party, ; Indice 50, Crabe Phare,Asteria ; Home Sweet home.
The event is organized by Institut français du Vietnam in collaboration with Bonjour Saigon Post Production House.
Previously, the film fest opened at BHD Bitexco ICON 68 in Ho Chi Minh City on October 4-7.
The Panam Anim Animation Film Festival was established in 2013 in Paris by French film producer Pascal Chinarro. The event is for cinema-majored students in France and several other countries. The festival is held annually in Paris since 2011, then was expanded to Shanghai since 2013 and Bangkok since 2016.
The animation film festival is one of the most prestigious film competitions in France with high-quality submissions. Many award-winning works at Panan Anim have appeared on the Oscars’ nominations list and at other reputable animation film awards in the world.

By Kim Khanh

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