Annual dance festival returns to Hanoi, HCMC

The annual dance festival, Europe meets Asia in Contemporary Dance 2017 will take place for the seventh time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from September 20 – October 14.

Annual dance festival returns to Hanoi, HCMC

“Europe meets Asia in Contemporary Dance”, an initiative of EUNIC – the Network of European cultural institutes and embassies in Hanoi, is organized by the Goethe-Institute,  L’Espace, Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Switzerland and the Consulate General of Canada in HCMC, in cooperation with the Youth Theater Vietnam and the HCMC Dance School.
The festival has successfully contributed to raising awareness on contemporary dance in Vietnam since 2011.
This year’s event will present to audiences two exciting Vietnamese productions by the Wintercearig Project and the dance company Arabesque; and four dance performances by artists from Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Canada.
Plays include Urban Distortions, a French-Vietnamese production with the participation of participating musician Teddy Chilla (Nguyen Duc Trung Tuan) and singer Suboi; the Vietnamese-German co-production Stigmergy by dancers from the Vietnam Dance Academy; The “Short Story Of A Long Event” by two Spanish dancers, Raquel Madrid and Cipriano López; the Wintercearig dance project by Tricia Nguyen ; the dance piece performance Black & Scholes by Kim Sanh Chau; the intoxicating dance work The Burrow (Der Bau), created by Berlin-based choreographer Isabelle Schad and French visual artist Laurent Goldring; the rebellion Tape Riot by the Swiss Asphalt Piloten.
There will be also three exhibitions on dance and dancers' body shape.
The festival will take place at the Youth Theater in Hanoi on September 20,21 and 23; at Ho Chi Minh City’s Dance School on September 24 and 26, at the Arabeques Studio on September 25.

By Kim Khanh

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