VinaCapital pours $32.5 million into leading poultry producer

VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund (VOF), the flagship fund of VinaCapital, yesterday announced that it has invested $32.5 million in Ba Huan JSC, the country’s leading producer of eggs and poultry meat.

VinaCapital pours $32.5 million into leading poultry producer

With an investment of 32.5 million, it becomes a significant minority stake in the company. VOF may also invest a moderate amount of additional capital during the next twelve months as the Company delivers on mutually agreed milestones.
A representative from VinaCapital said that one of its strategies was the long-term investment in food companies which have adopted hi-tech for domestic consumption.
At present, Ba Huan has become one of the strongest fresh food brands in Vietnam. Food safety is a concern in the country, and Ba Huan’s growth is due to its reputation for producing high-quality and safe foods. It has a history of innovation, a management team with a clear vision for expansion, and a market that is rapidly growing, he added
Ba Huan was founded in 2001, growing from a family business to become the leading supplier of pasteurized poultry eggs in the Vietnamese market with two fully enclosed industrial poultry farms, including a layer farm with over 1.5 million chickens for commercial egg production, and a broiler farm with over 400,000 chickens for meat production.
Ba Huan’s products are distributed via a comprehensive distribution network of more than 2,000 agents and points of sales throughout Vietnam.


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