Vietnam’s Phu Quoc fish sauce at risk of losing export market

The Association of Phu Quoc fish sauce fretted that the fish sauce sector will lose its export market after the Ministry of Health’s regulation of adding iodated salt into fish sauce

Vietnam’s Phu Quoc fish sauce at risk of losing export market

Head of the association Ho Kim Lien said that after the regulation takes effect, many traditional fish sauce firms have added iodated salt into their products; subsequently, the product’s color and quality changed.
Whereas, it took two years for Phu Quoc fish sauce of Vietnam to enter EU market and be protected. Now, with the addition of iodinated salt into fish sauce, the association must register again; accordingly, it is highly likely to lose market.

 Vietnam’s Phu Quoc fish sauce is officially protected for the appellation of origin in all member countries of the European Union (28 countries) and this is also the first geographical indication of Vietnam which is recognized and protected in the EU.
Universal salt iodization promotes the use of iodated salt for producing industrial food products, although it might affect product quality and iodine stability

By THANH HAI – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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