Vietnam not to build more sugarcane plant

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development approved the sugarcane plan by signing a decision No. 1369/QD-BNN-CBTTNS to re-structure the sugarcane sector by 2020 with the vision to 2030 yesterday, affirming Vietnam will not build more new sugarcane plants.

Vietnam not to build more sugarcane plant

The sugarcane sector’s plan is to maintain the sugarcane production area of 300,000 hectare, the sugarcane output of more than 20 million and the sugar capacity of 2 million tons annually.
In the context of fierce competition with imported sugar, the sector will expand the capacity of available sugarcane plants located in the province growing sugarcane.
By 2030, the sector will maintain the production area but it will increase productivity of sugarcane and sugar to 24 million tons and 2.5 million a year respectively.
Upon the orientation of sugar production, the Ministry affirmed by 2020, of 2.5 million sugar in the year, 1.3 million tons will be refined sugar while the remaining of 0.7 million tons will be white sugar and other kinds.
At present, the designed capacity of plant is 174,000 tons sugarcane a day. By 2030, total sugarcane and sugar productivity will be 230,000 tons a day and 2.5 million tons a day.
The Agro Processing and Market Development Authority under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that sugar amount in inventory from 2017 is 314,000 tons while the new crop started while the Vietnam Sugar Association said that 41 sugarcane making plants are operating in the country.
The highlight is that the Ministry asked to force vehicles owners to use E5 petrol proposing support for research of ethanol fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses.

By VAN PHUC – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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