Vietnam invests in salanganes-raising techniques

Vietnam should take heed to develop local market of Salanganes nest sustainably and then expand for export, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development at a meeting yesterday.

Vietnam invests in salanganes-raising techniques

According to the Department of Livestock Production’s initial report, 4,283 salangane breeding houses in 32 provinces. The bird is bred most in the Mekong delta region, the southeast, the central coastal region.
Thanks to adoption of techniques, Vietnamese breeders made progress from raising to hatching eggs. Moreover, they have technique to entice and remove the bird to a certain place.
Additionally, improved administrative formalities facilitated operation of private firm and households.
However, the department said that there has been no regulation whether salanganes is domestic animal or wild animal for management and zoning.
At the meeting, enterprises said they take heed to exports of bird-nest; nevertheless, a representative from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the central province of Khanh Hoa advised not to focus on export but neglect the local market .
As per Khanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the sector has offered employment to 9,000 local laborers. Once bird raising develops more, Vietnamese people can eat bird-nest at cheap prices to promote better health.
Deputy Minister Tam said the Department of Livestock Production and the Vietnam Salanganes Association didn’t work together well to foster the sector. The association has not well done its part in providing bird raising techniques, market information, and connecting enterprises in the sector.
Inaccurate estimation of bird raising houses has impeded the sector’s growth. For instance, the Vietnam Salanganes Association announced that 5,800 raising houses produce 40 tons of bird nests a year while the Vietnam Salanganes union said that out of 4,000, only 1,000 successful raising houses harvest over 100 kg annually and the remaining with 10 kg annually.
Related agencies must created favorite condition for firms to expand its market. Plus, they need to perfect management mechanisms and policies to keep and eye on environment and diseases.
Furthermore, increased investment in research and development in science and technology is needed to raise value and make Vietnamese brand name for export.

By THANH HAI - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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