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Dam Sen Water Park Corporation (DSN) approved an advance on dividends for the first term of the year in cash at a ratio of 20 percent and buy debentures issued by Khai Hoan Mon Company in which DSN holds 30 percent stake to develop a taxicab project. Last year, DSN paid dividends at a ratio of 60 percent and the company’s dividend payout ratio was planned to be at least 36 percent this year.

Chuong Duong Beverages Joint Stock Company (SCD) announced that in the second quarter of this year, the company reached revenue of VND80.3 billion, and post-tax profit of VND5.3 billion, an increase of 21.2 percent and 143.6 percent respectively compared to the same period last year. Six-month revenue reached VND211.8 billion, achieving 54.7 percent of this year’s plan, and six-month post-tax profit at VND11.1 billion, achieving 90 percent of this year’s plan.

Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company (FMC) planned to sell 5 million shares to its strategic partners, including Hung Vuong JSC, Vinh Thuan Company, and Viet Phu Corporation at a price not less than VND10,000 per share in the third quarter of this year to increase its charter capital to above VND130 billion. The sum of money collected from the sale will be added to the company’s working capital.

Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company (HPG) announced its business result in the first six months of this year with revenue at VND8.41 trillion and post-tax profit of more than VND1.01 trillion, accounting for 45 percent and 84 percent of this year’s plan. Its plant in Hai Duong Province is expected to start operations in September, raising the company’s total capacity to above 1.2 million tons annually.

Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company (NTP) recently signed an agreement with Japanese company Sekisui Chemicals. Accordingly, the latter will transfer technology, molds, and equipment for production of manhole products and plastic boxes made of PVC in Vietnam. If revenue from these products reaches around 300 million JYP, the two companies will establish a joint-venture company.

Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VNM) announced dissolution of Dielac Milk Company in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Zone which is now known as Vietnam Milk Powder Factory. In the second quarter of this year, VNM got revenue of nearly VND8.29 trillion and post-tax profit of VND1.82 trillion. Six-month-accumulated revenue was at VND15.15 trillion and six-month-accumulated post-tax profit at VND3.34 trillion.

Source: Dau Tu Tai Chinh – Translated by Thuy Doan

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