SBV commits to protecting legitimate rights of depositors

Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Dao Minh Tu yesterday advised customers not to follow rumors and withdraw their money to prevent damage as the banking system is operating very well with only few banks still facing some problems.

SBV commits to protecting legitimate rights of depositors

SBV hoped residents to set their minds at rest and believe in the Party and State’s policies, committing to protecting legitimate rights and benefits of depositors, he added.
He was speaking at a meeting with Construction Bank (CB) and the branch of SBV in Long An province yesterday afternoon.
SBV purchased 100 percent capital of CB on March 5, 2015 to become the bank’s owner.
After three years of operation model transfer with the assistance of SBV and Vietcombank, CB situation has gradually been stable. Debt handling and collection have obtained many satisfactory results.
Mr. Tu said that the restructuring of the banking system and CB have gained some initial results and proposed CB to work with Vietcombank to soon build a restructuring project, continue measures to overcome difficulties, ensure cyber security as well as operation safety and focus on short term loans with little risks.

By HAM LUONG, KIEN VAN – Translated by Hai Mien

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