640 businesses get high quality Vietnamese goods certificates

High Quality Vietnamese Goods Business Association yesterday announced 640 businesses eligible for high quality Vietnamese goods certification in 2018. Of these, 22 enterprises have won the award for 22 consecutive years.

640 businesses get high quality Vietnamese goods certificates

The results have been drawn from 17,300 survey questionnaires and direct interviews of 13,000 households and consumers at 3,000 selling spots in 12 provinces and cities nationwide.
In addition, the survey this year also got consumers’ opinions online to compare with direct survey results to ensure objectivity and reliability. The list of firms selected for the award has been publicized and transferred to authorized agencies to assess.
Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong, in charge of the annual program’s survey, said that 71-87 percent of respondents made their purchase decisions basing on food safety.
Traditional retail channel still has the advantage over others but consumers have been on the trend of moving to modern shopping channel such as supermarkets and convenient stores. Online trading has developed more clearly among young consumers.
Vietnam is one of countries leading in farm produce and seafood export but processed products have not been well exploited in the domestic market. That is partly because of Vietnamese psychology of favoring import goods, technology and equipment and human resource problems.

By MINH XUAN – Translated by Hai Mien

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